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What makes you excited about your business or organisation?  What is it that you want people to know and what would it look like for you to be revolutionary in what you do?  That’s the message we’ll tell to and provided you an opportunity for you to get your message out.  We’ll help you explore your options and decide the best path for you.  


The online world is a extraordinary place. Web, Apps & Design have been used to change the face of the globe and people from all around the world and in your community use it to communicate, coordinate, inspire, love, hate, and shop.  Lets dream together and discover how to turn your ideas into a reality. 


The original sense of the word adventure meant that you didn’t know when or if you were coming home.  Adventures can be difficult taken alone and that’s why you need a guide to journey with you.  As an expert in the web you be equiped with the appropriate tools so you can advance in your adventure with great confidence.


 The Creative Process

The belief is that teams perform best when they have a clear set of directions. The four-milestone creative process acts as a map for your project, making us all faster and more efficient.



You will be asked a lot of questions to learn about who you are and what you’re looking for.  The outcome of this phase is to gain an understanding of your goals, vision and business plan.  The will be transformed it into an actionable plan with a budget, timeline, technology, deliverables and content required.    



With a strategic plan in hand, the next phase moves to the drawing board. This is where the designs and concepts begin to take shape. The creative process will help your brand unfold into a visual narrative. Ideas are continually refined until the best possible solution for you is presented.


3 Develop

Now that we have our vision and solution nailed down, we can start executing. In this phase, all the pieces fall into place and we’ll begin to develop. We’ll make sure that no stone is left unturned and do a series of test to insure the what ever we develop will be suitable for any environment.


4 Deploy 

When we’re sure all the development is complete, it will be put through the launch phase and we’ll deploy the project in a live environment. A roadmap for constant improvements and future enhancements will discover the true results of this work as we monitor the project’s growth over time.


The Project Estimate

Website Design & Build (RATA: Teachers Support)Quantity / HoursUnit PriceAmount
Website Design and Build
( NonProfit Discount 20% )
Design and develop RATA website. This includes site-wide styling to responsive web components, build homepage and relevant pages as required.

Browser Testing
- Test website on common web browsers and device types (mobile, desktop, tablet etc). Test on common browsers such as (Chrome, Safari, & Firefox)
- Fix any issues found.

Website Launch
- Launch website. Including configuration of DNS and connecting services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Project Management
- Contact, feedback, and amendments as required, ensuring a single point of contact for the duration of the project. Managing content gathering process.

Squarespace CMS
- This website will be built using Squarespace's CMS platform. The website will start with the theme based on research and website feedback during the discovery and design phase of the build.
- A website draft will be then designed and built using pre-discussed content and customized to fit the design/branding guidelines.

- Give 1-2 hour basic training in the handover process.
- $80 p/hr (NonProfit Discount Rate )
20 Off%-$600

Subtotal: $2400

 TOTAL: $2760

If you would like to continue with this work let me know
by following the link above and “Accept Estimate”.